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kenton rodgers

Have a product idea? We can refine and develop it.

  • Want to make changes to your existing product? We can make it more efficient in both cost and efficiency. 

  • Something not working? We can find the solution. 

  • Is your need not listed here? We have a diverse shop team and group of engineers that enjoy solving problems that others say are impossible. 



Research &



Founded in 2015 with the vision to focus on responsible engineering: reducing our carbon footprint, supporting our military, and helping to bring to fruition revolutionary technologies that increase everyone's standard of living.


We are a team comprised of industry leaders, engineers, and professionals who share a passion for making the "impossible" possible. Responsible engineering that reduces our carbon footprint, supports our military, and helps bring to fruition revolutionary technologies that increases the standard of living.

  • Prototyping

  • Proof of Concept

  • Light Manufacturing

  • Machining

  • CAD Design

  • Assembly

  • CNC Machining

  • Welding

  • Cryogenics

  • HVAC/Refrigeration

  • Composite Materials

  • Electro-Optics

  • Alternative/Eco Fuel

  • Machine Design

  • Specialized Part Design

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Fluid Dynamic Modeling

  • Automotive 

  • Consulting

  • Design for Manufacturing 


A consulting project example is TTG's master climber.


We have reinvented mast climbers by eliminating all hydraulics and providing a system with instant speed adjustment, increased free-standing height, and integrated new materials such as aluminum. Our mast climber design has significantly reduced manufacturing and set up time, increased safety, and is only 70 decibels at 1 meter.


Mast Climber: Patent Pending



Our services aren't specific to construction; we fabricate anything, including exercise equipment!


Bandbench is a fitness bench that makes a full-body workout simple by only using this workout bench and tension bands. TTG's patented hooks at the bottom provide a firm hold on the exercise bands, so each workout is flexible for you! Developed with durable steel and UHMWPE, Bandbench comfortably supports ~1000lbs while remaining lightweight and sturdy.

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