Partnering for Strength, Security and Peace of Mind.

The Tisdale Group was founded with the single minded purpose to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the effects of extreme violence, both at home and abroad. Our leadership team and most of our team members are former military and have a passion for preventing and reducing the effects of violence thru technology and our vast real-world experiences. The scientists and engineers at The Tisdale Group share this passion and the two vastly different worlds come together to develop truly outstanding technological, tactical and commercially viable solutions.


Our mission is to reinvent technology that will provide our U.S soldiers with safe and secure equipment when operating out in the field.

English Technology was named after Shawn English - a longtime friend and U.S military hero - who was lost in battle in 2005 by an EFP attack. Due to this tragedy, the Arctic Shield Armor was designed.


Kenton Rodgers is The Tisdale Groups consulting subsidiary where we have experts with over 30 years of experience in engineering and breaking into innovative cyber security.



Our mission is to disrupt the defense industry status quo by delivering the best possible technology into the hands of our military and first responders. At the Tisdale Group, thinking outside the box isn’t just a catch phrase – it's part of our identity.



Our passion is fueled by our service. Nobody knows the importance of armor technology more than somebody who was once protected by it when rolling through the IED laden streets of Iraq or Afghanistan. Nobody understands the importance of night vision more than those who fought for their lives on the streets of Mogadishu. Our experiences in those environments shaped who we are, and more importantly they shape how we solve problems.