Partnering for Strength, Security and Peace of Mind.

The Tisdale Group is a service disabled veteran owned small business comprised of former special operations soldiers and engineers. We use our extensive combat experience and technical backgrounds in our focus on R&D.; We have the outstanding ability to efficiently create innovative life enhancing technological solutions with the intent of delivering them into the hands of business, military and humanitarian communities. Our passion is fueled by our service to this great country. We are committed to positively affecting lives as we continue our oath to protect and serve. The scientists and engineers at The Tisdale Group share this passion and the two vastly different worlds come together to develop truly outstanding technological, tactical and commercially viable solutions.


Our systems can be used for anything from HVAC to cooling storage for food and medicine which save on energy and enhance the capabilities of current AWG technology. This technology has no CFC’s or toxic refrigerants which makes it an optimal cooling unit for food and medicine storage and is completely made of recycled plastics, metallics and green gasses.

Kenton Rodgers is The Tisdale Groups consulting subsidiary where we have experts with over 30 years of experience in engineering and breaking into innovative cyber security.


Tisdale Energy Group is working on creating green and greener energy through taking the biogas from landfills and capturing all carbon emissions from anything that can release exhaust. The exhaust is then caught and separated to be turned into liquid to be destroyed or reused as a fuel source.