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Making Sustainable Obtainable

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The Cryogenic Vessel (CV-1) is greener and utilizes significantly less energy than current technologies by using a series of chambers and heat-absorbing fluids.
The benefits of this system are shown through its effects thanks to its internal processing capabilities, making it a multifunctional machine implemented in our technology and any field including:
• Gas processing & liquefaction
• Atmospheric Water Generation
• Data Centers
• HVAC Replacement 
• And more!


The Tisdale Group is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned small business with a passion for research and development. With over 30 years of engineering experience from Georgia Tech Research Institute to the United States Military, we strive to solve the impossible and continue our oath to protect and serve.

Our team has the outstanding ability to efficiently create innovative, life-enhancing technologies with the intent of delivering them to the public. We are committed to developing technologies, such as our cryogenic vessel (CV-1), to create sustainable solutions for modern problems. The scientists and engineers at The Tisdale group share this passion and work to develop outstanding technological and commercially viable solutions. 


Research & Development

  • Cryogenics​

  • Composite material​

  • Electro optics​

  • Alternative / Green fuel


  • Mechanical​

  • Electrical / Computer​

  • Software​

  • Automotive / Autonomy​

  • Physics​

  • Automation​

  • Consulting

  • CAD


  • Prototypes​

  • Optimization​

  • Design​

  • CNC Water jet, Mill, & Lathe Capabilities

  • TIG/MIG Welding